Do you know what the word abstraction? Abstraction - is a subjective outcome emerged in the process of knowing the world faces as a result of mental isolation. Abstraction gives birth, when a man lets a particle of information, thus penetrating deeper into the subject of the study. Ordinary people will never be put on your desktop wallpaper, relating to a series of abstract. In other words it is an abstraction that describes a person feels and looking at the object, processing external sensory properties of the object in the abstract. Abstract Wallpapers, more than anything else, will show you the inner world of their creator. For completeness, the perception is, of course, you need to know what caused those feelings in a man who later turned into an image. The fact that the abstraction is too complicated in concept to many, but if you're a true connoisseur and know how to find the nuggets of pure matter, among other things, unnecessary, and see what others do not notice, most likely, abstract wallpapers will suit you most. Looking at them you can relax when you look at them - there is something to think about. I would describe the category of abstract wallpapers as wallpaper for aesthetes and enthusiasts. If an abstraction on the desktop - wallpaper, which cling to something in your soul - they are for you, believe me. The real connoisseurs of abstraction offer a look into our database of wallpapers with abstractions. Here you will find the most beautiful and intricate abstract wallpapers from all over the internet. None of the abstract images fill this category, definitely will not leave you indifferent. Smooth gradients and colorful modulations, cold and warm tones, haunting, beautiful world encased in a geometric sequence and chaotic - it's all here! Just do not want just to say that there is topic Fiction and saying something to the site again, the authors made a mess somewhere clicked something wrong and now everyone who has visited the site, facing imminent danger. Do not panic, you're reasonable people and understand that Fantasy and Science Fiction - are two different things, and wallpaper in the following categories as completely different. Fantasy is a genre of fiction, it is a branch grows out of a body of fiction. But while this branch runs to the corners of the myths and fairy tales. Genre young, he is not, and the century, and yet - quite got stronger and rose to his feet fantasy. A huge contribution to it made the old man Tolkien (who does not know it), and on the right is its founding father. This is a very interesting genre that does not seek to justify anything, it just is and that's (somehow). Because is simple to use and has a wide distribution. Frankly, looking at me fantasy picture is much more interesting than reading it in the book, although it was not read by so few. Enough to form an opinion, but let them have no impact on your. If you look under the heading we find amusing creatures in an intriguing background. This and goblins and dwarfs of different shapes, breeds, colors. Right beside the elves, unicorns and other pretty representative of evil. There are also people, but they are so close to nature, that we would not find common language with them, it seems to me. A wonderful part of our site, of course. He is an ornament, and anyone who comes to fantasy wallpaper download from the site, just have to look here, here are pictures for every taste and color. What a dreamer does not like fantasy? And what Grandma does not like serials? Both I refer to science fiction, first by belonging to a genre, and the second for the extraordinary and fabulous futility and stupidity. However, you have the right not to pay any attention to my opinion. My task was to prove the profitability of this column, the target audience which are dreamers and grandmother. Do you know how born science fiction? Can not you guess? I know ... I will not tell the name of a specific date, name of the place of origin does not matter ... all that. Science fiction was born when someone wants to go beyond the routine and rules, when someone became so closely that he faces the reality of pushing through his presence here and let unprecedented. This was probably a very long time - even before the laws were invented by which we live, they have been closely to the author. And with the advent of computers in our lives, immediately appeared wallpaper fantasy. It is absolutely certain. Category in which we found ourselves with you, is full of different creatures, heroes, criminals, and other cool inventions and fantastic wallpaper. Then a full flight of fancy and have a place to turn your secret desires, children's nightmares, and all that spinning in your head, but can not go outside when there crowded. This is quite natural. People just looks all alike, from the inside we are completely different. Oh, how many of bipedal dream, fantasize, and gave their lives for the sake of dreams. Some have achieved fame and honor, others do not have nothing, but both were dreamers, and knew how to live, believe me. And now for the glory of those who made this fiction for what it is today, I imagine the same name column and all the fantastic pictures of her filling.