Animal group of wallpapers - There are million of animal species. We listed a small part of them through HD wallpapers and we brought them to your desktop. Enjoy :) Welcome to the section on animals. Collected here are the wallpapers wild animals which show up in unexpected situations. I must say there is something to see. Throughout its long history, the man managed to tame a certain species of animals, and other e amenable to domestication and do not want to live near people. It is not surprising, because they were free born. And now you have a chance to have a similar pet. On the desktop, that will smile at you while you work. They do not need to feed and walk. These animals will not spoil the wallpaper, but cheer up, and again forced to wonder the wisdom of nature that created them as such. I have a very long time as the background picture was a butterfly, with huge wings, painted with bright stripes. About a year I admired her, and you know - the nerves ceased to be naughty. Still smiling wallpaper wild animals and birds from the screen, floating in the sunset sky - it is now, what people long ago lost and seek to return to no avail. Advise and recommend not going to just look at them. I think it will not remain indifferent