"There is no creator god, but there is a space that produces the sun, planets and living beings: no all-powerful God, but is the universe, which administers the fate of all the heavenly bodies and their people ..." - Tsiolkovsky talked about the cosmos. And let it not been with us for three quarters of a century, his words were not denied, and today few people know about the universe than this man. About all we know space is not there much, much smaller than could be found for many years, if not for the Cold War and other inter-state disputes. But what to do - we have what we have, on and repelled. On the other hand, we know looks like a piece of space that is around us. There's no particularly bright light, sometimes even a little dark, but there is constant darkness, there is always a distant star, its light to warm and gladden presence. Neither I nor most likely you did not come to visit space in the near future, so I suggest wallpapers to download, install on your computer and sit to enjoy the beauty of reach. And that's not all, not for nothing that there exists a web guide who knows all the answers and shows you the best there is on this site. And so we go to the above section and learn the secrets of the universe, looking at the splendor of limitless space, space wallpaper. On the Earth will not see this, what can we say. Space has played a huge role in the arts, which is amazing. People looked at the stars and composed fiction stories, movies filmed and wrote beautiful poetry. And how much space is devoted to the songs ... we are his children, and rightly so, that a person learning to crawl, then walk and fly, even with the help of assistive devices, tends upward. You can not say for sure whether we would ever fly to distant stars, to date, it's too expensive and the least impact, and that's left to dream, to write poems, so keep an eye on the stars and desktop space.