Computer wallpapers, Technology wallpapers, and electronics wallpapers, brands of computer parts and laptops, gaming consolas and joystick, also game pads and of course geek stuff When I called the editor in chief of our site and said, "the old man, we open category Computer and you'll have to write something about it", I came across only one question - why? People love to admire the stars and cars, but where to find those who are looking at a computer would like to see a little bit different, but all the same computer for computer wallpaper? I had a lot of time to think about this question, then I changed my point of view. Now try to tell you about the justifications of this column, which came into my head. I must say that the question for not experienced users of personal computers. My dear, you ever seen a BSOD (Blue Screen of Deat) - a Blue Screen or Screen of Death, as it is called? Yes, we have and such. Hopefully you'll see it only in the gallery of our website, and not once in the morning including my laptop. Or, for example, not so long ago, walking across the expanses of the Internet I came across a great photo robot built by the city on the Arbat "N" from the old PC parts, whose head was made from an old burned-out monitor in the twenty-four inches. It was a masterpiece, just summed up the quality of photos. And where do you want to load these computer images? In section 3D or fiction? This is blasphemy, my friends. That is why there will be a selection of zhetsky to get into publishing only the most interesting and deserving of your attention to the picture. It is also true of some things you need. You've seen the pros and cons for each picture? This is your IMHO, that you express about each picture. Tobish your opinion or attitude. If you like, put a plus sign, otherwise the minus sign and it will be a big help to us, believe me. Such actions on your part give us the opportunity to assess the tastes of visitors understand what they like and choose the correct direction. I think I have already said somewhere, so what. Excess will not be.