One of the youngest, but the most popular forms of contemporary art, by creating a moving image on the screen. Fascinating thing for one who sees for the first time for us everyday, and homely. Clever Charlie Chaplin once said: "After all, sorry for silent films. What a pleasure it was to see how the woman opens her mouth, and the voices are not heard ... "and how he was damn right. Silent movie in two colors was a work of art of high rank, and aesthetically consistent with the needs of all people who understand the art. And all that was after - obscurantism, with occasional flashes of bright sparks. You're right, having made his opinion of me as a person, not relishing every novelty of the film industry. In general, never. The only thing I can advise you of the soul in this art form - is the author's cinema, which really still is a membership in this very art. I love the author's cinema, a little understanding it, and therefore with a light heart I advise many European directors, several dozen American and domestic. Very good in this sense, Asians - and they have the idea and the expression of a culture and nature, as well as the manner of filing. But I do not understand them and can not advise anything worthwhile. I've always been interested in the question - how can you portray the soul, sounds or music? We learned at school singing sad melodies were asked to draw them funny. And here and there, I painted a guitar in the first case, it was yellow, and black in the second. Why split hairs, then? They are all the same has not been seen. The teacher did not appreciate any of my brilliant ideas, no creativity, and since I do not like singing, teachers, school people, but do not let the bad news. I have not stopped loving any music or musical picture, here is what is really happy. And now I will not tell you about the music, but on the corresponding section. He appeared on our site one of the first. Again, no one knew what it looks like the music for sure. Someone thought it was, certainly, older African Americans with drums, comes from the same source, and dreadlocks to his shoulders. For some it is a violin with a girl in a black dress, or just pictures of musical instruments. I said nothing about the naked girls, the tracks of a white powder, guitars Gibson and patlatyh men, but did not stop to think otherwise. Well, what else, then? Sex drugs & rock'n'roll! But in general - that's my opinion and I stop you impose it, anyway - obviously.