The final topic of our project, of course, is full of cheerful mood, positive emotions, funny pictures and extremely subtle approach to implementation. Topic titled Comedy, which included bright moments in the life of many people. This is a subring and intricate, and just funny jokes and pictures that you can put on your desktop as wallpaper and original to please both yourself and your loved ones creative explorations of our best writers. Topic Humor was very out of place when the inspectors came from the Ministry of Culture and control over the network, they resented some of the "explicit" sections of the site, but once in this column to see wallpaper humor laughing like horses in a meadow, honestly. The good guys are, yeah. We spent a little, praised a Web resource that was released a couple of letters of thanks and left home. Here it is - the power of art in general and humor in particular. All the humor in our lives is based on the ability to find contradictions in the world that surrounds us. How many were humorists, which read from the stage, and later in newspapers and on television. Now humor takes a new round of evolution with the development of the Internet. At this point everyone is a comedian, why and banality become more pronounced hue, and intelligent humor tempered with countless attacks from critics. And as I said the unknown author of the aphorism in the network: "Joking is necessary so that then it was not painfully sick for aimlessly broken teeth."