Games, my favorite section of the site and in the life of one of the most exciting lessons for me what is this? That's right - the game. But who among us has not played in the computer at night all the time, attaining the unruly mobs in hopes to finish the level with the maximum number of bonus points ... all of this sin. Interests have changed, we are chasing teams in the western slopes of the Alps, green-skinned zombie smashed at full speed head on the hood and smashed cars at the racetrack. So many names in my head is spinning, how many toys I have tried for his life, and not remember how many - many, many more. However, this is typical - in all the previous games you can play, but look at skrinseyvy does not work. Obtained colorful, driving and unusual pieces, only fragments of the game, nothing more. However, wallpaper games were popular then, since they were created with the appropriate treatment. Quite a different era began with the advent of games on powerful engines. Yes, those with the technical requirements are much stricter than those of the terrorists and the gameplay is full of realistic events. Not the game, and life, every thought brought up on the first "Dumas" and "Quake." And if you look online games, we can find a completely different world with its laws, magical views and time, divided at all not to the LAN, but on the Internet. Do you see sitting at home the same as your friend at the moment, being in a gaming club. It's great. However, the concept of the game is not limited by technical means. There was a time, and children's as well as now raced only on the street with plastic toy cars, shooting each other with sticks, walk around in the form of pistols and rifles, saying: "Tah-max-max! Killed! ". Old men playing chess on the benches and boisterous fun of the company for garages flirted cards. Maps, meanwhile, are the rest attribute serious people with big stakes on the line. There also may include roulette and Rubik's Cube. Although, perhaps, Kubik-Rubik be superfluous in this list.