Oh, those wonderful creatures. Without them, the lives of men would be unthinkable. Maybe someone remembers the book "Why men love bitches?" ... Until now, wondering why guys are awesome marry the most ordinary girls? In your opinion, these girls look mediocre, but for men they are real beauties. No matter what their main achievement in the field of beauty was a victory in the contest "Miss Pumpkin" in the age of six. When a man goes to bed with a woman, it is happier than a fat rat in a cheese factory, who settled ... Roughly, it's ridiculous, but true. These girls - hell. They twirl men as they want, and we go at them on occasion. Girls - do not they beautiful, believe me. The most beautiful that could create the Lord God - the girl. Wallpapers with girls we picked up very carefully and with great trepidation selected each picture. With them you will smile all the girls - the provincial and glamorous ladies, simpleton and the coquette. I'll tell you so if you're looking for, you close your screen and still want to touch this beauty - the wallpaper with girls just for you. I invite you to the most delicate part of our site, and it is called, if not strange - Girls. Frankly, I was once struck by the girl at the window, so she had an amazing facial expressions and graceful body. For a long time to look at the girls with the guys would not advise the screen. There are times when young men fall in love with unattainable beauty, or create their own ideal, which does not reach those paths that are available mortals, think "Formula of love". Of course, as a source of inspiration is possible to use such a visual medicine, but strictly dosed. Also, the girls apologize for such a specific focus on the male part of the visitors. Section painfully topical. However, I judge too biased - everyone go through and admire.