We all have them. Children - the purpose of the life of any man, this postulate is disputed by many, but to repent of old age and realize that they were wrong. This brings to mind the famous words of Aleksei Maksimovich Peshkov, better known as Gorky: "Children are often smarter than adults, and always sincere." Picture of children is always touching - because there is no creature cleaner and brighter. Just put a wallpaper with the kids that will get you to smile every day and you begin to understand what is a word for harmony. While small babies - they're all like one another, And then these people grow up crumbs and lose all that were given at the beginning of life. Eyes have not those two little sparks who crave knowledge and love. I love looking at pictures of children more than children themselves. Probably because he did not feel like they are. I remember not so good things that happened to me, and maybe, deep down ashamed. Do not you sympathize with this one surprised by the baby face is so expressive, as if he knew that he had to unwind more than a dozen years at the school. Or, for example, he was told that his mother neither more nor less - Angelina Jolie. I would be surprised at least if he knew something like that. But, alas, your web-guide is not so proud owner of such a parent. And yet, remove the person from the gloom and sadness, because we are heading in the children, who in turn bring us joy and hope, anyway. It turns out that looking at younger children, younger people and himself. Never thought about that? In vain, it is almost a proven fact. Well, since I read it all, so what are you standing in the doorway, shifting from foot to foot, in front of the entrance and do not dare make a move? Welcome to the Kids section, and if you will like it does not, at least less of it, I'll eat my head and let all those crumbs will be witnesses of my words. And here's another interesting fact you are on a seed. Everyone knows the band Nirvana and their album Nevermind, but not many know that the infant, whose picture is on the cover, Spencer Elden, the son of photographer friends who made this picture. The boy's parents allowed the photo shoot for two hundred dollars, not assuming that predetermined the inevitable fame to her child.