"In accordance with the laws of primitive man waiting on the nature of what she will give him. However, the developed man must know that it is necessary to nature ... "- once used to say Lull Wilma, and his words make you think. Do we know what you need to give nature - so we developed? I think we did not know what to expect from her, and accept the fact that it gives us. I think no one I think. You are heading in the nature of my friends. This is one of the most forced by the rich and corners of our site. There is a lot of what you did not guess. Stunning scenery, wonderful times of the year, caught by a photographer in the most unexpected moment, from different corners of the earth for you. Do not believe me? I am now monitored by a computer, where our photographers mnogostanochniki and see that the two men in the region of Kamchatka, a crisscrossing Europe, several of the islands and remote areas. Some people sit back, someone is sleeping, in general, the workflow in full swing. As for you, dear, the echidna grin, I realized that I do not believe it. On questions of faith, we understand, but what about your preferences - how to deal with them? I think you should give out their weaknesses in commenting on the wallpaper with the nature and balance of pros / cons on the favorite and not so, the wallpaper.