Wallpapers, When it just doesn't fit anywhere else. Section of website related to the background for that particular group is not created on the site and it is generally difficult to find a section for them, these are strange pictures and interesting pictures, see, scattered, but you will certainly find at least a few that you like. There is an unwritten rule at many sites, it is shared by all the wise men. This rule says that somewhere in the depths of the web resource section must necessarily be "different", which will be a lot of things that did not fit into its various corners of the shelves and in drawers. It is in this section, and has brought you, with what pleasure to congratulate and offer a unique menu. The section you'll find five dollars, and various inscriptions, water splashing, mad creatures, mountains of rubbish on the crowded streets, a gun, and many fellows have Muchu any different, not logged into thematic albums. I must say - the section is twofold. He seemed very cluttered and, on the other hand, it enormous hidden potential, which is not found in other sections. Something similar is not someone else's closet. You said somewhere kept the old box, it is necessary only to find ... and here you are a bagatelle bagatelle pull someone's memories, a part of someone's life, interspersed with a variety of debris. This happened with you? I think it will - what your age. Well, I propose to stay longer in this section and see all the downloaded wallpapers. I've seen every picture and every section, or almost one deserves his place in this category. The most interesting thing in it so that - wherever you go, you will find all its attributes, be it a pub or a balcony of the Bolshoi Theatre. Others ... are not quoted in a special directory, not painted on the menu and not registered in the tax department. These are the subjects, objects and phenomena, which are destined to be outside, to exist beyond these.