Simple images, Simple life, simple HI definition graphics for your desktop If you talk to a science - vector graphics, this is a unique way of presenting images in computer graphics, which is based on the use of geometric primitives (lines and polygons). Those who are familiar with raster graphics, it is known that vector graphics is the opposite of the first. Roughly speaking, vector graphics are used more in the drafting and constructed according to the formulas, which is why wins and loses together. And now attention. All those who got confused, did not understand half of my story and do not intend to read such nonsense, I will say the following. The site offers you the look vector images, which are built in some unimaginable way is quite unusual and do not look like the rest. Precisely because so many words about vector graphics, the definition of materials that many encyclopedias and nobody cares at all. Few people know, but this method of imaging each time gaining ground in design and is a definite plus, believe me. In the example image, "Lines and points" are clearly visible difference in the approach to the usual figures. If you choose the highest resolution and save it to your hard drive, and then open up any software to view the image or the visual editor, you will be able to see the way to the execution of lines with points, splines and other interesting devices that today we are not going to score you head. If you have any questions about the terms, please contact the caliper or soap, it is at the bottom of the site.